Advertising… Just because I love it!


Just read and don’t ask why…

Maybe just because I retype this for you…

This may sometimes be useful, who knows…


“Nobody reads long copy any more.”

“Go and do something useful. Count your socks. Go along now. Shoo!”

Neil French –


“You have to work hard to find new ideas. You have to think until your brain seeps through your eye sockets. On top of that, you also have to deal with a lot of restrictions. There’s the client’s strategy that needs to come trough in the work. Budget constraints. A few bricks walls. The facts that everything’s been done before.”

“Your work should stroke and stimulate. It should push things forward. It should inspire the rest of his sometimes volatile industry to step up and try harder.”

Erik Vervroegen


“Pictures may not capture emotion better than words, but they certainly do it quicker. So, as advertising became more emotional, the pictures become more important.”

Jonathan Cranin – worldwide creative director of McCann


“If I write about the latest trends, they won’t be by the time you’re reading this.”

Bob Isherwood –


” We hear more music in our iPods, we read more magazines, we watch more films, have more TV chanels, visits more websites and write more mails than we ever write letters. And all this must still fit into the same 24 hours of each day.”

Marcelo Serpa –

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